Due Diligence Investigative Skills using Online Sources

Whether you are handling AML due diligence, compliance, fraud control or even cyber security itself, good online investigation skills and techniques are an essential part of your job. The Internet is a huge repository of data that can be an extremely valuable tool for analysts, researchers, and financial investigators in the areas of KYC, AML and financial crime generally.

Obtaining the correct data when conducting your online Enhanced Due Diligence enquiries from credible sources before any financial agreement or transaction will prevent fraud and money laundering activities.

However, to get the right information an organisation needs to equip its people with the knowledge, skills and tools which will enable them to achieve a quick but effective profile search that saves time and money. This course informs about the importance to possess good quality data, avoid fake news, and identify the difference between information and intelligence.

  • Understanding the Internet
  • Construction and application of the most effective search terms
  • Applying Investigative techniques when searching the Internet for Information
  • Search Engines and how they work
  • Business Information Report
  • Fake News
  • File Search
  • Video Search
  • Social Media as an investigative tool
  • People Search
  • Geolocation Tracking
  • Transport Tracking

The program is addressed to employed professionals appointed by their companies as Compliance officers, Money Laundering Reporting Officers, AML/KYC/EDD analysts and investigators, organisational risk officers, internal audit officers, fraud department officers, legal and insolvency officers, financial crime investigators FIU members, Front Liners in Financial Institutions and other obliged entities as per the AML Law.

Days: Tuesday & Wednesday

Dates: 12 – 13/4/2022

Time: 15:00 – 18:45

Duration: 7 hours

Place: Online Course

Language: English

Cost: €141*

(Initial cost: €260, HRDA Subsidy: €119)

*plus VAT on initial cost. Special discount for non-subsidy eligible candidates